The Yellow Stereo on KRCL 90.9 // 11.09.12

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Tops :: “Evening”

Baths :: “Aminals”

Martha Wainwright :: “Can You Believe It?”

Sambassadeur :: “Memories”

The Garlands :: “Open Arms”

Evans The Death :: “Telling Lies”

This Many Boyfriends :: “Number One”

This Many Boyfriends :: “I Don’t Like You (‘Cos You Don’t Like The Pastels)”

Curve :: “Horrorhead (Mint Julep Remix)”

Gems :: “Void Moon”

Boy Friend :: “Bad Dreams”

Crystal Castles :: “Kerosene”

CHVRCHES :: “The Mother We Share”

Desire :: “Under Your Spell”

HAERTS :: “Wings”

Empress Of :: “Champagne”

Cornelius :: “Drop”

Shinichi Osawa :: “Star Guitar”

Selebrities :: “Delusions”

Discodeine :: “Synchronize (feat. Jarvis Cocker)”

Chromatics :: “Running From The Sun (Mixed Collage)” // 34 mins.

The Yellow Stereo on KRCL 90.9 // 11/02/12

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Atoms For Peace :: “What The Eyeballs Did”

El Perro Del Mar :: “Hold Off The Dawn”

Erika Spring :: “Happy At Your Gate”

Selebrities :: “Into the Night”

Yuna :: “Lullabies (Jim-E Stack Remix)”

HAERTS :: “Wings”

Desire :: “Tears From Heaven”

School of Seven Bells :: “Secret Days”

John Talabot :: “Families (feat. Glasser)”

Class Actress :: “Journal of Ardency”

Blue Hawaii :: “In Two”

Blue Hawaii :: “In Two (Part II)”

Empress Of :: “Don’t Tell Me”

The Ruby Suns :: “Kingfisher Call Me”

CHVRCHES :: “The Mother We Share”

Lemonade :: “Neptune”

Porcelain Raft :: “Unless You Speak From Your Heart”

Crystal Castles :: “Affection”

Toro Y Moi :: “So Many Details”

DIIV :: “How Long Have You Known (Moons Version)”

Glass Candy :: “Warm in the Winter (Instrumental)”

Chromatics :: “These Streets Will Never Look The Same (Recycle Culture Night Bus Remix)”

John Talabot & Pional :: “Braves”

LA Vampires and Maria Minerva :: “Seasons of Change”

Teen Daze :: “New Life”

El Perro Del Mar :: “Hold Off The Dawn”


It seems almost ages ago since we first heard of the announcement of El Perro Del Mar’s forthcoming album, Pale Fire, in September of last year. It wasn’t until mid-August that we heard the first single titled “Walk On By,” and thankfully a second single has been released shortly before the new album hits next month.

While I do miss the more quirky, folk-pop sounds of her debut, I’ve come to except the more synth-laden aesthetic that she has seemingly embraced over the last couple albums; I imagine taking cues from fellow Swede, Lykke Li. Swedish divas, I tell you!

Check out the new single “Hold Off The Dawn” below, and keep your calender open for November 13th as Pale Fire is set to be released on that day.

The Yellow Stereo on KRCL 90.9 // 10/26/12

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Selebrities :: “Delusions”

Hospitality :: “The Right Profession”

Sea Pinks :: “A Pattern Recognition”

Tame Impala :: “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”

Glass Candy :: “Halloween”

Sia :: “Paranoid Android (Radiohead cover)”

Air :: “Ghost Song”

Electric Guest :: “The Bait” // Performing live here in SLC on Halloween night!

Nite Jewel :: “In the Dark”

Icona Pop :: “Sun Goes Down (feat. The Knocks & St. Lucia)”

Solange :: “Sleep In The Park (Twin Shadow Remodel feat. D’Angelo Lacy)”

Aphex Twin :: “Come To Daddy”

Evangelicals :: “The Halloween Song”

The Postmarks :: “Everyday is Halloween”

Pavement :: “The Hexx”

Morrissey :: “Ouija Board, Ouija Board” // SLC show next Sunday is cancelled

Sky Ferreira :: “Lost In My Bedroom”

Slowdance :: “Boyfriend”

Tops :: “Double Vision”

Blackbird Blackbird :: “It’s A War”

Melody’s Echo Chamber :: “You Won’t Be Missing That Part of Me”

Erika Spring :: “Happy At Your Gate”

Letting Up Despite Great Faults :: “Bulletproof Girl”

The Depreciation Guild :: “Dream About Me”

A Sunny Day In Glasgow :: “Nightime Rainbows”

The Yellow Stereo on KRCL 90.9 // 10/12/12 (Swedes/Radiothon Edition)

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The Sound of Arrows :: “Danger!”

The Sweptaways (feat. Jens Lekman) :: “Happiness Will Be My Revenge”

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names :: “1999”

Lykke Li :: “I’m Good, I’m Gone”

jj :: “From Africa to Malaga”

Taken By Trees :: “My Boys”

The Knife :: “We Share Our Mother’s Health”

Peter, Bjorn, and John :: “Young Folks”

Lindstrøm & Christabelle :: “Baby Can’t Stop”

Robyn :: “Call Your Girlfriend (Sultan & Ned Remix)”

Little Dragon :: “My Step”

Fever Ray :: “If I Had a Heart (Familjen Remix)”

ceo :: “Illuminata (Dan Lissvik Remix)”

The Hives :: “Hate To Say I Told You So”

The Cardigans :: “Lovefool”

Holograms :: “ABC City”

Studio :: “No Comply”

Acid House Kings :: “Do What You Wanna Do”

Dungen :: (dunno the song name!)

The Concretes :: “Miss You”

Jens Lekman :: “I Saw Her In The Anti-War Demonstration”

The Tough Alliance :: “Neo Violence”

Sally Shapiro :: “Love in July”

The Yellow Stereo on KRCL 90.9 // 10/05/12

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The Clientele :: “Bookshop Casanova”

Psychic Twin :: “Gonna Get Her”

Still Corners :: “Fireflies”

Porcelain Raft :: “Dragonfly”

[MP3] THEESatisfaction :: “Cabin Fever Sweet Love”

AlunaGeorge :: “Your Drums, Your Love”

Dum Dum Girls :: “Season in Hell”

Melody’s Echo Chamber :: “Quand Vas Tu Renfrer”

Broadcast :: “Chord Simple”

Blackbird Blackbird :: “Hawaii”

John Talabot :: “Destiny feat. Pional”

Taken By Trees :: “Only You”

[MP3] MYTHS X Grimes & Majical Cloudz :: “The Horizon”

Jessie Ware :: “Night Light (Joe Goddard Remix)”

St. Lucia :: “All Eyes On You”

Girls Names :: “The New Life”

Crocodiles :: “Hearts of Love”

Wild Nothing :: “The Blue Dress”

DIIV :: “Corvalis”

Memory Tapes :: “Sheila”

Flying Lotus :: “…And The World Laughs With You (feat. Thom Yorke)

Nosaj Thing :: “Eclipse/Blue”

SBTRKT :: “Terminal”

Melody’s Echo Chamber :: “Be Proud Of Your Kids”

[Video] La Sera :: “Real Boy”/”Drive On”

Katy Goodman’s solo project La Sera released a new album today  — which I’m currently listening to right now and enjoying — and has another music video that seems to kill two birds with one stone, as the video features both singles “Real Boy” and “Drive On”.  Clever usage of the songs as they segue into one another with two very different themes (one about a trapeze artist, and the other a b/w noir-ish romp through a city that ends with some plastic surgery mishap).

I don’t watch music videos that often, but I’m beginning to enjoy these creative takes on a medium that has honestly become stale over the years.  This along with the “choose your own adventure” type of interactive music video that Chairlift did with their single “Met Before” is beginning to make me a believer in videos again.

Sees The Light is out now on Hardly Art

[Listen] Projectionists :: Self-Titled EP


It seems to only take one post to get myself into the groove of wanting to blog, so I figured while I’m at my computer I’d mention something else I’ve been excited about lately: Projectionists, the newest project of ex-Pipette member Rebecca Stephens (aka RiotBecki).  She now joins former Pipette member Rose Elinor Dougall in going forward with their own solo endeavors — both of which are quite good.

The band seems to embrace that 60’s girl pop sound that made The Pipettes so appealing, which is perfectly fine as far as I’m concerned.  The new self-titled EP came out in January, so definitely check it out!  Links to it on Spotify as well as the song “Falling Into You” can be found below.

[Listen] Sigur Rós :: “Ekki Múkk”


While Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi has kept himself busy with his solo work, the band has been sort of quiet since their last album in 2008.  But with the release of Inni last year (a DVD and double CD of the band’s live performances in London) and the announcement that the band would be hard at work on a new album and subsequent tour, it gave us fans reason enough to be patient.  That patience has paid off as we now have confirmation of a new album titled Valtari due out on May 28, with the first single titled “Ekki Múkk” being released earlier today.

At seven minutes, the song effortlessly floats along with a kind of minimalist beauty that we’ve come to expect from Sigur Rós over the years.  It’s interesting how much of a distinction can be made between the band’s music and what Jónsi has done with his solo material.  While both are uplifting in their on respective ways, there’s something about hearing a song from this band that really hits you to your core.  If music can encapsulate such things as beauty, emotion, and nostalgia — than Sigur Rós are at the forefront of bands that do it best.

[MP3] Alpine :: “Hands”

Just heard this song through Rawkblog’s excellent "Best of SXSW 2012" Spotify playlist, and have been playing it on repeat for the past hour or so.  If you’re curious, Alpine are a six-piece based in Melbourne, Australia and are set to release their debut album in March.  Incredibly addicting song and one that is sure to be a favorite as the months roll along.  Check out an MP3 below, as well as the weird interesting video that seems looks like outtakes from an American Apparel shoot or something. 

[MP3] Alpine :: “Hands”